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Drain Cleaning Services in Medford, OR

When your drain backs up or clogs, it can complicate your week. Not only will it stop functioning, but having a clogged drain can lead to sanitary concerns, strong odors, and even damage to your home. That is why you should call Accurate Plumbing Solutions as soon as possible. We provide drain cleaning and sewer cleaning to businesses and homes in Medford, OR.
The most effective way to clear obstructions from drains and sewer lines is to use pressurized hydro-jetting. Our high-tech jets can create pressures up to 3500 psi, which is strong enough to dislodge any items causing blockage, both small and large. Since hydro-jetting uses water, it is also a completely safe way to clean your drains and will not cause any lasting effects on your plumbing or sewer systems.
Accurate Plumbing Solutions also uses state-of-the-art cameras that allow us to see the inside of your pipes and determine if there is obstruction or areas that need structural repair. To keep your pipes in working conditions, contact us today.
As a restaurant owner, you are obligated to follow a number of regulations to ensure the safety of your employees, guests, and the general public. For example your restaurant may be required to have a grease trap that prevents fat, oil, and grease from entering your water system. Having a grease trap is one thing—maintaining is quite another.